py2exe, PyQT, QtWebKit and jpeg problem

David Boddie david at
Mon Jun 23 22:12:08 CEST 2008

On Monday 23 June 2008 15:02, Carbonimax wrote:

> If I copy the dll in the dist directory, and I use QPluginLoader() and
> load(),
> it does work in the .py but it doesn't in .exe made with py2exe
> my code :
> dll = QPluginLoader(path_to_dll)
> res = dll.load()
> res == true in the .py
> res == false in the .exe
> :-/

Maybe py2exe builds executables that can't load DLLs in this way.
In any case, it might be worth asking about this on the PyQt
mailing list

or on the py2exe mailing list

where there may well be people who have solved this problem


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