Fast and easy GUI prototyping with Python

erokar at erokar at
Sat Jun 21 19:15:54 CEST 2008

Thanks for your input. The prototype will be running on Windows only.
Portability  and being able to develop on other platforms would be a
bonus, but is not a requirement. I guess the choice is going to be
between Visual Studio and Qt. Of importance is:

1) Being able to develop and change (dummy) GUI prototypes very fast,
i.e. drag and drop. I've tried Visual Studio's form designer -- it
seems quite capable. Don't know about Qt's designer -- is it as easy
and fast to use?

2) The Qt vs. .NET API. I have no experience with Qt's API and a
rudimentary experience with the .NET API (seems powerfull but also big
and complex).

Michael: Interesting suggestion to just subclass C#, maybe that's the
way to go.

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