Python 3000 vs. Python 2.x

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Fri Jun 13 23:23:38 CEST 2008

On Jun 13, 4:13 pm, Mensanator <mensana... at> wrote:
> On Jun 13, 4:04 pm, mr.opus.peng... at wrote:
> > As a new comer to Python I was wondering which is the best to start
> > learning.  I've read that a number of significant features have
> > changed between the two versions.  Yet, the majority of Python
> > programs out in the world are 2.x and it would be nice to understand
> > those as well.  Thanks for all the help.
> > Creosote,
> What 3rd party modules are you planning to use?
> You won't be able to use them until their developers release
> Python 3000 versions.
> In my research, I heavily depend on the gmpy module for
> fast, number theoretic functions. Last time I checked,
> it was only available for v2.5.
> So, I could install v2.6 or v3.0, but I wouldn't be able
> to run any of my programs, so what would be the point?

Thanks for the advice.  I guess I don't really know about what kind of
modules I'm going to be using as I'm new to this whole style of
programming.  The only other languages I've used are Fortran, C, and
Lisp.  I venture to say that I'd probably be using math, and graphics

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