Need Tutorial For the following lib

Gandalf goldnery at
Sun Jun 1 01:25:10 CEST 2008

Hi scott, you couldn't be more wrong about my laziness. I straggle
with my poor English for hours to fined what I'm looking for.
I found a very simple and not comprehensive tutorial for the pyWinAuto
lib in this address
but it only show how to do the basic, and my knowledge at this point
is not enough to figure the rest I need to know by myself
I found another simple  lib for the watsup that based on winGuiAuto
lib in this address
But for some risen I couldn't manage to ran it in my computer

I'm trying to generate auto mouse double click or auto selecting text
(the selecting text part is the one I interest in. mouse double click
just do the same effect if the mouse cursor is on text)

I'm sorry you feel I'm lazy. The truth is that event writing this
message takes me an enormous power.
weather you choose to help me or not I still going to keep trying ,
But you have the opportunity to save me lots of trouble, So maybe one
day I could help others.

so if you familiar with any good tutorial for this library please let
me know and if not then thank you anyway for wonting to help


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