Iterate creating variables?

tdahsu at tdahsu at
Fri Jun 13 17:11:16 CEST 2008

I have twenty-five checkboxes I need to create (don't ask):

self.checkbox1 = ...
self.checkbox2 = ...
self.checkbox25 = ...

Right now, my code has 25 lines in it, one for each checkbox, since
these are all variables.

Is there a way to write a loop so that I can have fewer lines of code
but still keep the variables?

I've tried:

for o in xrange(25):
    self.checkbox[o] = ...

which didn't work, and

for o in xrange(25):
    self.checkbox[''%d'%(o)] = ...

which also didn't work.

Both give the error message: "Attribute error: Main.App has no
attribute "checkbox"", which clearly indicates that I'm not keeping
the "variability" aspect I want.

Is there a way?

I appreciate any and all answers!


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