Python 3000 vs Perl 6

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Tue Jun 24 11:16:50 CEST 2008

On Jun 24, 10:36 am, "Corey G." <ctg... at> wrote:
> What I meant, in terms of dealing with accurate or non-accurate rumors
> is with speed, yes.  There are plenty of comparisons where Perl is
> 4-15x faster then Python for 'some' operations regarding regular
> expressions, etc.
> For me personally, this means absolutely nothing because if I spend
> 50x more time comprehending spaghetti, obfuscated Perl code it's
> irrelevant.  The main concern (my concern) is whether or not Perl 6 is
> more like Java with pre-compiled byte code (did I say that right) and
> whether or not individuals without the ability to see past the surface
> will begin to migrate towards Perl 6 for its seemingly faster
> capabilities.
> With Perl 6 taking 10+ years, if/when it actually gets released, will
> it be technically ahead of Python 3000?  Is Parrot worth the extra
> wait the Perl 6 project is enduring?  My own answer would be a
> resounding no, but I am curious as to what others think. :)
> -Thanks!

>From a quick read of the Parrot Wiki page it would appear they hope to
one day allow the compilation of BOTH Perl 6 and Python, which could
be interesting.

Towards the speed,
puts Python ahead of perl, and Python Psyco ahead of Parrot PIR.
Though I haven't looked at each benchmark comparison so it is hard to

Towards what Perl 6 offers, the Wiki on it seems to indicate it will
be a clean up of Perl 5 as well as adding of many features from other
languages. It seems like Lary has gone for the TAKE IT ALL approach
which could work out well in providing practically any format for
creating Perl scripts. Or it could cause huge confusion as users ask
for help and received a 1001 different approaches...

Towards it being more advanced than Python 3k, time will tell. Both
are still active and getting updated. So while I personally will stay
with Python, others may move, or use both.

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