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Mon Jun 2 01:42:24 CEST 2008

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> Jerry Stuckle wrote:
> > As I've said before - good programmers can write good code in any
> > language.
> So... an eloquent speaker of English is also an eloquent speaker of 
> Spanish/French/German?

There's potentially a large difference between a "good" speaker of 
English/German/etc. vs. "eloquent."

I'd tend to agree with Jerry that if you can write "good" code in one 
language, you can in pretty much any other as well... but that doesn't imply 
you're necessarily "eloquent" in any languages. :-)  Eloquence is nice, but 
eradicating "bad" code in this world is about a million times more important 
than attempting to move people from "good" code to "eloquent" code.

To be Pythonic here, "eloquent" code would perhaps often have clear, clean 
list comprehensions used when "good" code would use a "for" loop but still be 
easy to follow as well and perfectly acceptable in the vast majority of cases.

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