new to python, looking for streams clues

Bruno Desthuilliers bruno.42.desthuilliers at websiteburo.invalid
Wed Jun 4 13:50:42 CEST 2008

Thierry a écrit :
> Hello peoples,
> As I said, I'm new to python, and particularly to XML generation in
> python.
> Using the 4suite XML package, I have been able to produce XML, but
> only directly to STDOUT.
> Refering to the 4suite markupWriter refrence, the class needs a stream
> to output the generated XML, and if none is specified, it's the STDOUT
> stream that is used.
> What I would like, would be to store the generated XML into a python
> object which implement the stream interface to be able to transform it
> via XSLT if needed (it's in a web based project).
> But, I've read the python doc for the last 12 hours without finding
> anything about an existing object that implements that interface.
> Am I missing something, or should I really create that object myself ?
> I mean, I just need something that I can write into and read
> thereafter.
> It should already exists, no ?

It does, it's named StringIO (or cStringIO for the faster C 
implementation), and it's part of the standard lib. AFAICT, it should 
fit your needs.

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