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Mon Jun 9 22:30:49 CEST 2008

Madhur <madhurrajn at gmail.com> wrote:
>            I would like to know the difference between using the
>  C_INCLUDE_PATH and using the -I option with compilers. How are they
>  different?

No idea on that - I always just use -I

>               The problem which I am facing is that I am having a
>  source base which uses python.  I am currently enabling compile time
>  option _POSIX_C_SOURCE in my Makefile. The compilaiton fails if i
>  include -I option to /usr/include/python2.4
>  /usr/include/python2.4/pyconfig-32.h:838:1: error: "_POSIX_C_SOURCE"
>  redefined
>  but if i do
>  export C_INCLUDE_PATH=/usr/include/python2.4
>  I do not face any compilation issues.
>  I would like to know if there is anything i am missing on this.

Do it in your code with


instead of the Makefile, and do it after the #include "Python.h"

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