newbie question: for loop within for loop confusion

takayuki lawtonpaul at
Mon Jun 16 07:35:03 CEST 2008

Thanks to everyone for the excellent advice.

Roy: I did as you suggested and could see after staring at the output
for awhile what was going on.  The print statements really helped to
put a little light on things.  Yes, I agree that "learning to fish" is
the best way.

John: There were two "inchworms" because "c" is in "inchworm" so it
shouldn't print.  Thanks for your detailed description of the for

The Saint: i'll check out the  word = line.split() command.

After much flailing about, here's a loop that is working:

def hasnolet2(avoid):
	fin = open('animals.txt')
	for line in fin:
		word = line.strip()

	length = len(avoid)
	x = 0
	noprint = 0

	while length -1 >= x:
		if avoid[x] in word:
			noprint = noprint + 1
		x = x + 1

	if noprint == 0:
		print word


which should return:


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