Separators inside a var name

Kam-Hung Soh kamhung.soh at
Tue Jun 10 06:34:01 CEST 2008

Rainy wrote:
> I have a stylistic question. In most languages words in var. name are
> separated by underscores or cap letters, resulting in var names like
> var_name, VarName and varName. I don't like that very much because all
> 3 ways of naming look bad and/or hard to type. From what I understand,
> scheme can have variables like var-name. I'm curious about reasons
> that python chose to disallow this. Another question I have is what
> other languages allow this naming scheme? Were there any languages
> that allowed space as a separator? What would be a practical way to
> separate variables from keywords in that case? "some long variable
> name", 'just a string', or maybe using 2 spaces: one var  +  other
> var  +  third var ? I think being able to easy have very long names
> for vars that are easy to type would be a fairly significant
> advantage. I know I'm probably being too obsessive about this, but
> that didn't stop me from posting. Comments?
> --

Groovy allows spaces in method names.  See following request and thread:

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