python interface to Firefox and Thunderbird

Larry Bates larry.bates at`
Fri Jun 27 04:15:34 CEST 2008

yardennis wrote:
> Hi,
> I need python moudles that can
> auto install python 2.5 (web install or a EXE file)
> auto download and install Firefox3 and Thunderbird 2
> auto import from IE 6, 7 and OE 5,6 and Outlook
> read contacts and emails from Thunderbird store
> read Firefox 3 bookmarks, history, cookies and password
> Can anyone point to a open source solution ?
> If you know of any freelancer that can help me develop the module
> please let me know.
> Thanks
> Dennis
> yardennis at gmail dot com

The reason you haven't gotten any responses is that you didn't provide adequate 

You didn't say what O/S, so I have to guess that since you said Outlook it must 
be windows.

- Auto download and install FF3/TB2.  Why?  Dowload the installers and put them 
somewhere (CD/ROM, Flash Drive, etc) , then write a batch file that installs them.

- Auto download and install Python.  Same as FF/TB.  Get setup.exe from 
ActiveState Python.

- Auto import from IE 6, 7 and OE 5,6 and Outlook.  Auto import what into what? 
Is OE Outlook Express?  What do you want to import and what are you importing into?

- Read contacts and emails from Thunderbird store.  Why?  Wouldn't it be easier 
to read them from the POP3/IMAP server?

- Read Firefox 3 bookmarks, history, cookies and password.  There are plug-ins 
that allow you to export these items (at least bookmarks and passwords). 
History/cookies can be easily cleared by the users.  If you want to monitor 
sites visited, there are better ways.

As you can see we will need to know more about what you are trying to accomplish 
to help more.


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