Books for programmers

V vdutto at
Tue Jun 3 12:45:39 CEST 2008

Hi Matt,

and thank you very much for your answer.

> Hm, depends of course, how good your programming skills are in the
> languages you knwo already, but I rely on the book "Beginning Python -
> From Novice to Professional" by Magnus Lie Hetland, published by Apress.

I think that I'm interested in a more advance book, ideally one that
talk of the Python gotchas, traps, pitfall, idioms, performance,
stile, and so on. I really like the style used from Scott Meyers in
his Effective C++ series, or from Herb Sutter's Exceptional C++, but
after a quick look I did not find anything similar for Python...

Best regards.

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