Mako vs. Cheetah?

mario mario at
Sat Jun 28 12:34:14 CEST 2008

A small and ultra-lightweight system, with all the power of any fully
featured text-based templating system (such as mako or cheetah) and
then some (no constraints on template file names or formats,
restricted execution, automatic XSS protection, ...) that can be used
in a web context or standalone, while being also incredibly fast, is
Evoque Templating:

And the simplicity of the system means you can assimilate the entire
thing in a single sitting, and thereafter easily remember the few key
things to continue using it without constant re-consulting of the docs
(that, actually, are also pretty good ;-)

So yes, agree with you entirely, that shameless personal preference is
important for choosing your templating system... ;)


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