Python 3000 vs. Python 2.x

Mensanator mensanator at
Fri Jun 13 23:13:06 CEST 2008

On Jun 13, 4:04 pm, mr.opus.peng... at wrote:
> As a new comer to Python I was wondering which is the best to start
> learning.  I've read that a number of significant features have
> changed between the two versions.  Yet, the majority of Python
> programs out in the world are 2.x and it would be nice to understand
> those as well.  Thanks for all the help.
> Creosote,

What 3rd party modules are you planning to use?

You won't be able to use them until their developers release
Python 3000 versions.

In my research, I heavily depend on the gmpy module for
fast, number theoretic functions. Last time I checked,
it was only available for v2.5.

So, I could install v2.6 or v3.0, but I wouldn't be able
to run any of my programs, so what would be the point?

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