How do web templates separate content and logic?

Mike termim at
Mon Jun 30 21:34:53 CEST 2008

On Jun 30, 1:49 pm, "bruno.desthuilli... at"
<bruno.desthuilli... at> wrote:
> > Then what is so *good* about it, why embedding HTML into Python is not
> > good?
> Who said embedding HTML in Python was bad ? Did you _carefully_ read
> John's question ?-)

I should have say "why embedding HTML into Python is not good
enough?" ;=)

> wrt/ what's so good about it: web designers are usually better at
> working with this approach (whatever scripting language embedded in
> html) than they are writing Python code - either as plain strings or
> using a more declarative syntax like the one provided by Stan or

I keep reading this argument that some mythical 'web designers' are
better at working with this abracadabra (TAL etc.). BTW, most of the
it is used by programmers :). Sorry, I can't believe it. Sure there
are some
people that enjoy reading Perl or JCL, but all of them? IMHO if 'web
is able to separate HTML syntax from 'embedded language' syntax, then
is perfectly able to understand clear and simple Python code.

> equivalent html generators.  But nothing prevents you from using
> Mako's internals directly if you find it easier and more
> maintainable !-)

Yea, that is a perfect and universal advise - use whatever fits you

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