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Sun Jun 22 11:40:12 CEST 2008

Michael Torrie <torriem at>:

> erokar at wrote:
>> 2) The Qt vs. .NET API. I have no experience with Qt's API and a
>> rudimentary experience with the .NET API (seems powerfull but also big
>> and complex).
> Qt's API is very very good.  Easy to use and extremely powerful.  Note
> that in Python a number of Qt's APIs are not used in favor of Python
> native apis for things like file and socket I/O, IPC, Threads, and so
> forth.

The support for signals and slots is imho a strong reason to prefer Qt apis
over standard python apis, especially when it comes down to asynchronous
programming (for instance, large network transfers like file downloads).

>  I've not used VS 2008's SWF gui designer, but of all the designers I've
>  seen so far, Qt's Designer is the best I've ever used.

full ack.

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