Python 3000 vs Perl 6

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Tue Jun 24 09:52:07 CEST 2008

On Jun 24, 8:20 am, "Corey G." <ctg... at> wrote:
> If Perl 6 ever does get on its feet and get released, how does it
> compare to Python 3000?  Is Perl 6 more like Java now with Parrot?  I
> just want to make sure that Python is staying competitive.
> If this is the wrong mailing list, just let me know.  Thanks!

Do you mean in terms of speed (parrot is a JIT?). I believe Python 3k
will (when out of beta) will have a speed similar to what it has
currently in 2.5, possibly with speed ups in some locations. But
competitive-wise I think the point is Python 3k tries to remove warts
from the Python Language to make it even more friendly to readers and
writers alike. In that way it should/will stay competitive.

However towards overall usage, the general advice is to stay with the
2.x series for now, trying to ensure your code style is moving towards
the Py3k style, and then make the jump to the 3.x series when it is

Another point, is Perl 6 ever going to get released :P

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