Trying to extend Python with C: undefined reference to `Py_BuildValue'

spectrumdt at spectrumdt at
Wed Jun 4 18:01:52 CEST 2008

On Jun 4, 4:13 pm, Ivan Illarionov <ivan.illario... at> wrote:
> Hi! Your C code contains too many errors. I'm lazy to comment them all.
> 2. create '' file with this content:

Thanks for the replies.

Maybe I should have read the rest of the guide to extending Python
with C before whining here. I hadn't noticed the part where I was
supposed to create a script to compile my C code rather than just call
gcc. I fixed that, and now it works. Thanks.

Yeah, my C code is probably full of bugs, too. I am a sucky C
programmer. :P

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