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Fri Jun 13 08:45:15 CEST 2008

Hi all,
I have file which includes the e_value
 i want to fetch the lines if the line with the e_value which is less than
so I have script but it doesn't work. can you please tell me is this the
right way. The script does not end up with any error. It work if is give the
condition evalue > 0.01

my script:
>>> for line in fh:
...     gi, seq, e_value = line.strip().split('\t')
...     if e_value < 0.01:
...             print e_value

sample data file:
gi|7290649|    IWHHTFYNELR    4.6e-02
gi|108883867|    TITLEVEPSDTIENVK    7.8e-02
gi|157018218|    LFEGGFDTLNK    2.2e-03
gi|34420406|    YMVGPIEEVVEK    7.5e-04
gi|118791575|    ATIKDEITHTGQFYEANDYR    9.4e-03
gi|78706974|    LLSGVTIAQGGVLPNIQAVLLPK    5.2e-02
gi|157015257|    VDDDVAVTDEK    1.0e-02
gi|28571691|    QAGEVTYADAHK    2.2e-02
gi|89954247|    VETGVLKPGTVVVFAPVNLTTEVK    4.4e-03
gi|78101790|    LFEGGFDTLNK    2.2e-03
gi|157021047|    LLSGVTIAQGGVLPNIQAVLLPK    7.3e-05
gi|157138410|    LLSGVTIAQGGVLPNIQAVLLPK    5.2e-02
gi|27820013|    LTDEEVDEMIR    2.6e-03
gi|56417572|    TITLEVEPSDTIENVK    7.8e-02
gi|157020596|    HPGSFEIVHVK    5.8e-02

can anybody help me reagrding this.

Beema Shafreen
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