multiprocessing module (PEP 371)

Delaney, Timothy (Tim) tdelaney at
Thu Jun 5 01:10:55 CEST 2008

Christian Heimes wrote:

> Can you provide a C implementation that compiles under VS 2008? Python
> 2.6 and 3.0 are using my new VS 2008 build system and we have dropped
> support for 9x, ME and NT4. If you can provide us with an
> implementation we *might* consider using it.

You'd have to at least consider whether to consider using it ;)

BTW, something like adding a windows fork() that is not publically
exposed might be considered a bug/performance fix only (and thus
suitable for 3.0.1) if you don't get it into 3.0 (to be exposed to
Python code in 3.1) - but check first whether it would be accepted as
such. Definitely best to try to get it into 3.0.

Tim Delaney

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