Python + RDBM framework?

bukzor workitharder at
Sat Jun 14 20:25:54 CEST 2008

On Jun 14, 10:43 am, Larry Bates < at`> wrote:
> bukzor wrote:
> > It seems that whenever I have an application that uses a database
> > (MySQL) I end up writing a database framework from scratch. Is there
> > some accepted pre-existing project that has done this?
> > I see Django, but that seems to have a lot of web-framework that I
> > don't (necessarily) need. I just want to have my objects go in and out
> > of the database in a consistent manner without writing a ton of code.
> > Can you just use the database part without making a full-blow web app?
> > I see Zope, but that doesn't use MySQL (as far as I can tell), which
> > I've invested a lot of time learning to use and optimize. Also, my
> > manager wants to be able to log into a MySQL prompt and be able to
> > look at the data.
> > --Buck
> Zope definitely has MySQL interface, but if you think Django is a lot then Zope
> is even more.  If I'm understanding your correctly what you want is ORM/  These
> links should help:
> -Larry

Both of those would work. I have a lot of data-integrity checks to
make that would be impossible at the MySQL level and hard at the
python/MySQLdb level. This will help a lot. I'll probably use the

Thanks so much!

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