How do i : Python Threads + KeyboardInterrupt exception

Rhamphoryncus rhamph at
Fri Jun 20 19:50:59 CEST 2008

On Jun 19, 11:09 pm, Brendon Costa <bren... at> wrote:
> > If only the main thread can receive KeyboardInterrupt, is there any
> > reason why you couldn't move the functionality of the Read thread into
> > the main thread? It looks like it's not doing any work, just waiting
> > for the Proc thread to finish.
> > You could start the Proc thread, do the current Read thread
> > functionality until the interrupt occurs, put the apporpriate message
> > in the queue, and then wait for the Proc thread to finish.
> It is already doing that. You will notice that the Proc() function is
> called by a threading.Thread instance so Proc() is running in a
> thread, but the Read() function is being called by the main thread
> right after this. It DOES work with the Ctrl + C, but i can find no
> way at all of closing down the script from within the Proc() thread.
> The relevant bit of code is:
> t = MyThread(Proc, queue, sys.stderr, None)
> Read(queue, sys.stdin, sys.stderr)
> In the end, the problem is that i am trying to multiplex IO and other
> operations. In UNIX i would use select with the input file descriptor
> and an anonymous pipe for the extra commands to achieve this without
> any threads, but this script needs to run primarily on a windows box
> and i would like to use it on UNIX too. I thought i could use threads
> to achieve the IO Multiplexing in python, but it seems not or at least
> not simply.
> How do people usually manage IO multiplexing (not just using sockets)
> cross platform in python?
> I only need to multiplex two sources really:
> * Input file or stdin
> * A input event queue
>    This will have messages injected from various locations: timers,
> the processing thread itself, and possibly from a single GUI thread at
> a later point in time.
> Though i can foresee that at some point in the future i may also need
> to multiplex those two above and some sockets (For a server with a few
> clients).
> I was thinking of looking at some asynchronous IO libraries for python
> on Windows + UNIX, any suggestions (Must include more than just
> sockets)?

They either use an event-driven library.. or they use a timeout of
around 1 second.  1 second will definitely waste power on laptops (and
desktops), but it *works*.

python-safethread has this fixed - any lowlevel trickery needed is
done for you - but it's not ported to windows yet.

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