The Importance of Terminology's Quality

Arne Vajhøj arne at
Sun Jun 1 02:30:45 CEST 2008

szr wrote:
> Arne Vajhøj wrote:
>> Stephan Bour wrote:
>>> Lew wrote:
>>> } John Thingstad wrote:
>>> } > Perl is solidly based in the UNIX world on awk, sed, bash and C.
>>> } > I don't like the style, but many do.
>>> }
>>> } Please exclude the Java newsgroups from this discussion.
>>> Did it ever occur to you that you don't speak for entire news groups?
>> Did it occur to you that there are nothing about Java in the above ?
> Looking at the original post, it doesn't appear to be about any specific 
> language.

That does not make it on topic in the Java group.

And the subthread Lew commented on most certainly is not.


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