Exit from os.chroot()

Remy Blank remy.blank at pobox.com
Wed Jun 4 22:23:06 CEST 2008

Thomas Bellman wrote:
> That might not be the best idea...  Suddenly the chroot:ed
> program has access to the real /usr/bin; and since it likely is
> running as root (it was allowed to call chroot()), it can do bad
> things to the things in /usr/bin. 

If a chrooted process is running as root, it can very easily break out 
of the chroot anyway. So...

> Also remember, a chroot:ing process should permanently relinquish
> its privileges as soon as possible after chroot:ing.  There are
> way too many fun things a root-running process can do even when
> chroot:ed, like creating device files or setuid binaries.

...this is imperative.

> All this is of course assuming that the chroot is done for
> security reasons.

But here's something that might be interesting:


Short story: chroot is not and never has been a security tool.

-- Remy

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