instructions on adding external Tcl/Tk widget into Tkinter?

oyster lepto.python at
Thu Jun 26 12:57:40 CEST 2008

It is so funny that the official GUI lib for python is Tkinter, but I
cannot find an articles which explains indetail how can we use
thounsands of Tcl/Tk widget in Tkinter.

For example, I have download the dll at, renamed it to tkhtml12.dll
and put it in
then I edited a h:\python25\bin\tcl\Tkhtml1.2\pkgIndex.tcl file:
if {![package vsatisfies [package provide Tcl] 8]} {return}
if {[string compare $::tcl_platform(platform) windows]} {return}
if {[info exists ::tcl_platform(debug)]} {
    package ifneeded Tkhtml 1.2.3 [list load [file join $dir
Tkhtml12g.dll] Tkhtml]
} else {
    package ifneeded Tkhtml 1.2.3 [list load [file join $dir
Tkhtml12.dll] Tkhtml]

but says
attempt to provide package Tkhtml 1.2.3 failed: package Tkhtml 0.0
provided instead

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