mod_wsgi vs mod_python interfaces

Pau Freixes pfreixes at
Sat Jun 21 17:26:42 CEST 2008

Hi list,

I remember red into this list that mod_wsgi is more faster than mod_python.
Why ?

WSIG it's only a true specification for deploy and performance Python
applications running into web servers, mod python it's like mod wsgi but
it's only a not official specification between Apache and Python aplications
or frameworks. Therefore the real difference between both module are a kind
of protocol/interface for talk with Python Aplication.

mod_wsgi and mod_python are written in C and only how their internal data
structures and memory managment and other issues can justify a different
performance. Or WSGI interface it's more efficient than mod_python interface

What do you think about this ?

Pau Freixes
Linux GNU/User
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