[Business apps for Windows] Good grid + calendar, etc.?

Ryan Ginstrom software at ginstrom.com
Sun Jun 1 14:59:29 CEST 2008

> On Behalf Of Gilles Ganault
> Thanks but I forgot to say that I'd rather not use .Net 
> because deployment/updates are too problematic for our audience.
> .. that's assuming that a GUI Python can install/update 
> itself as easily as eg. Delphi, which is where I could be wrong :-/

wxPython can be made to look pretty nice. Check out Chandler for an example.

Delphi has a truly impressive ecosystem of controls and widgets. If there
were a commercial market for wxPython/wxWidgets widgets, I'm sure we'd get a
bunch of very nice ones as well. There is kind of an analog with the
"bounty" program for developing widgets, but it doesn't appear very active.

If you don't mind being Windows-only, there's another approach that I've
been working on. I use a WTL application to host the web browser, then pass
the browser instance to a COM server written in Python, along with a COM
wrapper of the application window. This gives me the flexibility of HTML +
JavaScript + Python, but eliminates two of the big issues with web apps:
latency and lack of Windows conventions like keyboard shortcuts and Drag &
Drop. I've yet to deploy this approach in an application, but from my
prototypes I'm liking it.

Ryan Ginstrom

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