Python GC does not work as it should be

Jaimy Azle jazle at
Mon Jun 16 12:51:00 CEST 2008

See this piece of code:

/* API to invoke gc.collect() from C */
 Py_ssize_t n;

 if (collecting)
  n = 0; /* already collecting, don't do anything */
 else {
  collecting = 1;
  n = collect(NUM_GENERATIONS - 1);
  collecting = 0;
 return n;

If a system exception raised when executing collect(xxx), collecting state 
variable would never be reset and python GC will not works forever until the 
application restarted. Perhaps it is a rare situation on normal usage, i 
mean if 100% code written in python. I use python as an embedded engine on a 
multithreaded server handling business process script which written in 
python. Though at last i found my code that causing it and fixed, i still 
think those code still has a potential problem on a long running process (as 
server side scripting language). My workaround limited to implementation 
with MSVC, I wrap those code in an exception trapper, and force to reset 
collecting variable.



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