pyTTS says, '"SAPI" not supported'

Tim Golden mail at
Mon Jun 23 10:58:41 CEST 2008

weheh wrote:
> I'm running Python 2.3 and calling pyTTS. I've had it working forever.
> Today, I ran out of disk space. After deleting some of my personal files, 
> for no apparent reason, pyTTS no longer runs.
> For the statement
>         tts = pyTTS.Create()
> I get the error message:
>         ValueError: "SAPI" not supported
> Can anybody help me? What's going on? 

(Hint: you'd have helped if you'd provided the whole

Well, going by pyTTS v3.0 for Python 2.5, that error
comes from the of the pyTTS package when
either you've specified a speech package other than
"SAPI" (the default) or the sapi module couldn't be imported.
My conclusion would be that you've accidentally removed some
part of the sapi package.

What happens if you open the interpreter (possibly with -v for
more info) from within the pyTTS folder and and do "import sapi"?

C:\Python25\Lib\site-packages\pyTTS>python -v -c "import sapi"


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