Beginner's Python development questions

Łukasz Dąbek sznurek at
Sat Jun 28 21:06:15 CEST 2008

Thanks for reply.

From: "Victor Noagbodji" <noagbodjivictor at>:
> But it makes no sense to start learning Python 3 at this moment. You can
> code scripts in Python 2.5 that will not break; you just have to avoid things
> that will be deprecated

I have been coding in Python for about 1 year :) (I even have a book about
Python 2.4). For "Python development" I meant developing Python itself.
I also have some C skills, so I wanna help to develop Python.
Currently I'm diving into CPython code but it is very complicated for me.
When I get some overview I'm going to send some patches form Py3k.
If my skills are enough :)


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