Good grid + calendar, etc.?

Michael Torrie torriem at
Mon Jun 2 04:36:43 CEST 2008

Gilles Ganault wrote:
>> The grid can be quite advanced. Did you look at the wxPython demo? Or
>> Dabo?
> Yes, but although the basic wigets are just fine, wxGrid looks a bit
> like the basic TStringGrid in Delphi, ie. it's pretty basic so that
> several vendors came up with enhanced alternatives. But maybe I
> haven't played with it long enough.

You don't say anything about looking at Dabo.  If you are serious about
writing real business apps, then you really do need to look at Dabo.
While it's GUI objects may not be quite up to what you need, the
framework itself is very critical to developing business apps.  From
your posts in this thread, it sounds to me like Dabo would greatly help
you build the back-end database and business logic at least.

Despite what you say about web interfaces in business applications, from
what I've seen it's all going that way.  PeopleSoft, etc.  Everything is
about web-delivered apps, with web services and custom integration these
days.  HTML/CSS/Ajax and a bit of Silverlight or Flash for the super
custom widgets is actually competing *very* well with the traditional
Delphi business widgets.  True this requires you to maintain "code" in
multiple languages, but frankly that's the cost of doing business.
Business apps are *complicated* to build.

When it does come down to it, you'll probably have to build some of your
own widgets.  PyQT makes this quite easy.  Canvases, HTML widgets, etc.
 If you're going to all the work of developing a complete business app,
then the work that goes into developing custom GUI components isn't that
bad, compared.

Since your target audience appears to be windows users, though, I'd
second the notion of using IronPython and leveraging SWF .NET widgets.
In theory this would run fine under Mono on Unix if you wanted to branch

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