Freeze problem with Regular Expression

Kirk noreply at
Mon Jun 30 16:45:18 CEST 2008

On Wed, 25 Jun 2008 15:29:38 -0700, John Machin wrote:

> Several problems:

Ciao John (and All partecipating in this thread),
first of all I'm sorry for the delay but I was out for business.

> (1) lose the vertical bars (as advised by others) (2) ALWAYS use a raw
> string for regexes; your \s* will match on lower- case 's', not on
> spaces

right! thanks!

> (3) why are you using findall on a pattern that ends in "$"? 

Yes, you are right, I started with a different need and then it changed 
over time...

> (6) as remarked by others, you haven't said what you are trying to do;

I reply here to all of you about such point: that's not important, 
although I appreciate very much your suggestions!
My point was 'something that works in Perl, has problems in Python'.
In respect to this, I thank Peter for his analysis.
Probably Perl has a different pattern matching algorithm.

Thanks again to all of you!



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