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Wed Jun 11 06:33:50 CEST 2008

The python community is very helpful to newbies like me. I did however
manage to solve my problem in the meantime. I needed  the modification
time of certain files on various computers, but I didn't know the
usernames ahead of time, so I used windows %userprofile% method.
Python likes forward slashes in file names, whereas windows likes back
slashes.  Here is my script.

import os, re
u = os.getenv("USERPROFILE")
# python returns "c:\\documents and Settings\\user"
# note the escaped backslashes which windows hates.
# let's repair that with re.sub
u = re.sub( r"\\", "/", u)
f = u+"/dir1/file1"
mod = os.path.getmtime(f)
# success, now do something

c = "copy '%userprofile%\dir1\file1' c:\dir2\file2"
# note back slashes here which windows tolerates.
# In the os.system context, python delivers unescaped slashes.
# success

I'm a retired old fart trying to learn python so I welcome criticism
and advice. My original post was at

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