Books for programmers

V vdutto at
Tue Jun 3 09:22:40 CEST 2008


I'm a C++, Java and C programmer, and I'm searching for a (preferably
printed) book that teaches me the "Python idioms", i.e. the "Python
way" of doing something.

Ideally, I'm searching for a book like "Effective C++" or "Effective
Java", that does not lose time teaching what is a class, or a
function, or a loop, but that enters into details and describes not
only the "how", but also the "why".

I read the book "Dive into Python", but I found too schematic and not
enough advanced for my interests.

I generally do not like books from O'Reilly, while I prefere those
from Addison Wesley.

Best regards.

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