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Lie Lie.1296 at
Tue Jun 10 00:02:16 CEST 2008

On Jun 10, 4:32 am, Skye <spo... at> wrote:
> OK, sounds good.  So if not bitfields, what would be a good Python-y
> way to do it?

The word is "pythonic".

> Flip booleans in a "debug config" dictionary or something?

I'm not really sure, I've been programming with Python (and some other
languages) but never really felt the need to store data in such super-
efficient manners. I reckon a dict should do the job and it would be
easier to read too compared to bitfield, since dict's entry is named.

Actually, in python I usually do not put debugging codes before
entering debugging cycle, and I usually remove all those debugging
codes when the debugging cycle has finished (I'm talking for myself,
not the whole python community).

> Skye

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