More on Urllib, and Urllib2

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Sat Jun 28 08:55:01 CEST 2008

On 28 Jun., 01:42, Alex Bryan <alexnbr... at> wrote:
> Okay, so I am having issues figuring anything out about this and have  
> read the "missing manual" about it so please don't send me that link  
> again. To put it simply I want to be able to input a word and get the  
> definition from Now I found a work-around for  
> searching for the word, I just make it in the actual address. For  
> example I want to search for cheese, I can just do a:
> urllib2.urlopen("")
> However, the actual definition is in javascript on the page. I used  
> firebug to see it, and the first def, looks like this:
> <table class="luna-Ent">
> <tbody>
> <tr>
> <td class="dn" valign="top">1.</td>
> <td valign="top">the curd of milk separated from the whey and prepared  
> in many ways as a food. </td>
> the problem being that if I use code like this to get the html of that  
> page in python:
> response = urllib2.urlopen("the webiste....")
> html =
> print html
> I get the html source of the page, but no table with my definitions.  
> So what can I do? Also, is there a book or a better tutorial or  
> explanation of this urllib2, and urllib? If so, PLEASE let me know  
> about it; I will be eternally grateful.

It would probably be a good idea to take a look at mechanize:
and at BeautifulSoup:


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