Making wxPython a standard module?

TYR a.harrowell at
Tue Jun 17 19:44:08 CEST 2008

>"      b = wx.Button(label="Click Me", action=myCallable)

>    Instead you used to have to create a button and then call
>    some utility function in some other object to bind that
>    button to a callable (IIRC this was one place where Window
>    IDs could be used).  Now, the button actually has a method
>    you can use.  It's still an extra step...

That looks quite a lot like the behaviour of PythonForS60's appuifw
class. Frex, a menu: = [(u'Octopus', getfish(octopus)), (u'Cuttlefish',
getfish(cuttlefish)), (u'Squid', ((u'Humboldt', getfish(humboldt)),
(u'Giant', getfish(giantsquid)), (u'Colossal', getfish(colossal)))]

gives you a menu with three options, the last of which has three sub-
options, all of which call your getfish() function with their value.

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