Point Of intersection between two plotted functions

Mark Westwood markc.westwood at gmail.com
Fri Jun 13 10:29:48 CEST 2008


Let your 2 functions be f(x) and g(x).  Then you have to solve the
equation f(x) = g(x).

For some functions it will be easier to determine intervals of the
real line where f(x)-g(x) > 0 and where f(x)-g(x) < 0 and to find an
interval in which the 2 intersect, which would probably be good enough
for plotting.

How straightforward any of this is depends entirely on the nature of
your functions.



On Jun 13, 7:34 am, arslanbur... at gmail.com wrote:
> Is there anyway one could find ot the point of intersection between
> any two plotted functions and also display them using gnuplot.py??

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