Making wxPython a standard module?

John Salerno johnjsal at
Thu Jun 12 17:13:38 CEST 2008

"Diez B. Roggisch" <deets at> wrote in message 
news:6bcqtpF3btl4sU1 at
> This has been discussed before. While tkInter might not be the greatest
> toolkit out there it has two extreme advantages:
>   - it is comparably small regarding the footprint. Few external
> dependencies, small libraries, small python-wrapping.
>   - it is available on a wide range of platforms.
>   - it is very stable, not only wrt bugs but also regarding features. 
> There
> is no external pressure to update it frequently.
>   - it is easily maintainable.

Ok, that was more than two advantages! :) But those are good points. I was 
wondering about the size of wx too. Probably huge compared to Tkinter.

> And on a personal note: I find it *buttugly*. But that has nothing to do
> with the reasons given above - nor do I have any weight in the decision to
> include it or not... :)

You find what ugly? The look of wxPython apps, or the code itself? To me it 
seems very nice, but what do I know! I also have started using XRC (putting 
the GUI in an xml file instead of in the program), so I see less of the code 
clutter my program. 

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