Design principles and architecture of an information transfer standard based on XML and SOAP

xkenneth xkenneth at
Fri Jun 27 03:59:01 CEST 2008


   So i'm just about to undertake my first real open source project,
and I'm looking for a bit of advice. There's an oilfield standard
called WITSML (Wellsite Information Transfer Standard Markup Language
-, it's basically a collection of XML schemas and a spec
for an client-server based communication standard based on SOAP and
WSDL. I'm looking for advice and past experience on how to architect
this project and implement it properly. I'm fairly new with concepts
such as threading, ORM, etc in a server/client context. If anyone has
any past experience they'd like to contribute, architecture theory,
documentation, anything at all, I'd be very grateful.

You can find our project here:
(also feel more than welcome to join and help!)

Kenneth Miller
xkenneth at

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