Socket Programming

Jeff McNeil jeff at
Sun Jun 15 03:55:16 CEST 2008

On Jun 14, 5:38 pm, srinivasan srinivas <sri_anna... at>
> Hi,
> Is there any way(method) to find whether the socket got closed or not??
> Thanks,
> Srini
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That's slightly difficult to answer without knowing any context. Do
you want to know if the other end has closed the connection?
Assuming that's the case and you're just using the standard socket
library, it's largely the same as it would be should you do it in C.
A TCP socket with a closed peer will select as 'ready' for read.  When
you attempt to read that socket, you'll have a 0 length return.

If you attempt to write to a socket that's been closed by the other
end, you ought to receive a "Broken pipe' socket error.  If you
attempt to write to a socket that *you've* already closed, then you
should just get a standard 'Bad file descriptor' socket.error.

Google's your friend with topics like this. There's a lot out there
pertaining to the standard POSIX socket calls.

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