Embedded Python Import problem

sleek cslush at gmail.com
Sat Jun 28 00:47:16 CEST 2008

I am having trouble with the following code:

PyObject *module = PyImport_ImportModule(modulename);
if (module == NULL) {

    PyObject* et, *ev, *etr;
    PyErr_Fetch(&et, &ev, &etr);
    PyObject* traceback = PyImport_ImportModule("traceback");
    PyObject* tb = PyObject_CallMethodObjArgs(traceback,
PyString_FromString("format_exception"), et, ev, etr, NULL);

    char *message = PyString_AsString(PyObject_Str(tb));

When this code executes, it gets into the "module == NULL" condition.
However, when I try to get the exception that occurred, I get the
value "<NULL>" copied into the "char* message"  variable.

Can anyone shed some light on what might cause this to happen? I
thought that if I actually get into that NULL condition that an
exception has occurred.

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