Fast and easy GUI prototyping with Python

Val-Amart e.yunak at
Sat Jun 21 16:29:50 CEST 2008

On 21 июн, 15:36, ero... at wrote:
> Which tools would you use? I want the interface design to be as easy
> and fast as possible, all ideology aside. I'm considering either
> IronPython+Visual Studio or Python+Qt -- but I'm open for other
> suggestions.
> Visual Studio seems to offer the easiest solution, but is IronPython
> stable enough? How easy is the IronPython/Visual Studi integration?
> What about IronPython Studio?

Use PyQt. You will gain great portability +all the functionality built
in qt.
You can try PyGTK also, though i wont recommend it.

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