Token Error: EOF in multiline statement

Terry Reedy tjreedy at
Thu Jun 5 23:20:05 CEST 2008

"Matimus" <mccredie at> wrote in message 
news:8d7b532c-9801-4a56-b9fa-ca0e7e152bdf at
| On Jun 5, 12:58 pm, maehhheeyy <maehhhe... at> wrote:
| > I'm not sure what it means but it always highlights the last line with
| > nothing on it. My program has 63 lines and it highlights the 64th
| > line. This keeps popping up whenever I try to run my program. Can you
| > please help me fix this?
| You are going to have to post the code or at least the exception text.
| It sounds like the last line of your code is missing a needed
| parentheses, but it is impossible to know without more input.

or { or [ or ''' or """ or the last line ends with '\' 

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