ANN: Resolver One 1.1 released

Giles Thomas giles.thomas at
Wed Jun 4 20:17:39 CEST 2008

Stefan Behnel wrote:
> Giles Thomas wrote:
> > We are proud to announce the release of Resolver One, version 1.1 - the
> > largest IronPython application in the world, we think, at 38,000 lines
> > of production code backed up by 130,000 lines of unit and functional
> > tests.
> Is it really IronPython specific code or would it run on standard Python?

It's really IronPython-specific, which is both a blessing - there's a
suprising amount of really good .NET classes out there and it's great
to be
able to script them using Python from a grid-based environment - and
curse, because we lose the cross-platform capabilities and the C
like numpy.

We're working on sorting out the latter with a project called Ironclad
aims to get C extensions working in IronPython.

For the cross-platform stuff, in the longer term we hope to be
Mono-compatible and so be able to support Linux and the Mac.

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