reading from list with paths

norseman norseman at
Wed Jun 25 23:00:41 CEST 2008

antar2 wrote:
> Hello,
> I would like to  read and print files, of which the complete filepaths
> are
>  mentioned in another textfile. In this textfile (list.txt)  are for
>  example the following paths:
> /data/chorec/chorec-nieuw/s01/S01C001M1/S01C001M1_1LG_f01.TextGrid
>  /data/chorec/chorec-nieuw/s01/S01C001M1/
>  S01C001M1_1LGPseudo_f01.TextGrid
>  /data/chorec/chorec-nieuw/s01/S01C001M1/S01C001M1_AVI1_f01.TextGrid
> I know how to open and read one file in my current directory,
>  but after trying to find this out my self, I give up...
> I already got one answer for this question, but it did not work
> Thanks a lot
> Antar2
> --
I think what you want is more like:

contents of a file named
import os

p = open('list.txt')
for vpath in p:
   for f in os.listdir(vpath):
     print '\n\tContents of:',vpath+'/'+f
     f = open(vpath+'/'+f)
     print '\n\t\t\t\tEND OF FILE\x0C'
print "All Done. Is there any paper left?"

usage: python >/dev/lp0		Unix
        python > prn:		Microsoft

On Microsoft use '\\' in place of '/' following each vpath above
The \x0C is Ctrl-L   aka: ff or FormFeed


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