How to make py2.5 distutil to use VC2005?

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Thu Jun 5 23:26:42 CEST 2008

2008/6/4 甜瓜 <littlesweetmelon at>:

> Howdy,
>    This problem have puzzled me for a long time. I usually use
> python2.5 in Windows, while VC2005 is installed.
> However python25.lib is compiled by VC2003. When I use disutil to
> build some C extensions, it complaints that
> there is no VC2003.
>    Well, IMO, the format of binary files generated by VC2003 and
> VC2005 is compatible in most cases. What
> should I do to workaround this error? I mean, disable distutil
> complaints and use VC2005 to build C extensions.
> I have google-ed some discussion related on this topic. It seems that
> it's real possible!


I have the same issue that you have. If you only want to create some
extensions to optimize some pieces of your code, try to build them with
SCons or cmake. It will work provided you don't use usual C structures
(FILE, ...)

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