Mako vs. Cheetah?

Tim Roberts timr at
Sat Jun 28 06:30:50 CEST 2008

"John Salerno" <johnjsal at> wrote:
>Is it correct to say that Mako allows you to embed Python code within HTML, 
>whereas Cheetah requires a certain amount of "tweaking" of Python code so 
>that it isn't really code you could just run independently in the 
>I'm getting that impression from what I see so far. 

What gives you that impression?  I'm just curious.  Other than the special
characters used, my impression is that the two are far more similar than
they are different.

As I posted on one of the mailing lists this week, the most important
criteria in your choice of a templating system really is personal
preference.  Personally, I really like Cheetah.  I find it simple and
intuitive, with a minimum of syntax interference.  However, many people
believe it violates the "separation of presentation and computation" rule
too much, and that's just fine.  Others really like the TAL scheme in Zope.
For my taste, TAL just requires too much non-essential syntax; it
interferes with the reading of the page.

So, the folks who like TAL can go ahead and be productive with TAL, and
I'll keep on being productive with Cheetah.
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