Summing a 2D list

Aidan aweraw at
Thu Jun 12 16:39:49 CEST 2008

Mark wrote:
> John, it's a QuerySet coming from a database in Django. I don't know
> enough about the structure of this object to go into detail I'm
> afraid.
> Aidan, I got an error trying your suggestion: 'zip argument #2 must
> support iteration', I don't know what this means!

well, if we can create 2 iterable sequences one which contains the user 
the other the scores, it should work

the error means that the second argument to the zip function was not an 
iterable, such as a list tuple or string

can you show me the lines you're using to retrieve the data sets from 
the database? then i might be able to tell you how to build the 2 lists 
you need.

> Thanks to all who have answered! Sorry I'm not being very specific!

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